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Due to VIBHS Financials growing presence across the globe and new trading requirements whether that be faster execution, lower latency or faster log in times, VIBHS have catered for all of these with the increased development in servers offered.

Our MT4 servers are hosted so that our traders can achieve ultra-low latency and superior security levels.

Our servers are hosted in fully-serviced premium suites in Equinix data centres, in NY4, LD4 and TY3 respectively. As these are also the leading FX low latency suites, Vibhs has hosted our MT4 servers to enjoy a premium position in close proximity to all major liquidity sources.

Ultra-low latency hosting is achieved through direct connections between our MT4 server and XCore with a range of liquidity sources.

Multi-location cohosting.

99.9% up-time.

Dedicated hardware and network resources.

Secure environment with exclusive control over your setup.

Fibre links to half a dozen LPs and consequently multi-national banks and ECNs Cross connects.

Our connectivity switched between Tokyo (TY3), London (LD4) and New York (NY4) depending on the hour of the trading day to ensure the lowest possible latency.

Additionally, we have built a solution focused solely on improving latency and general connectivity issues from mainland China. Our offering is direct connectivity to a MT4 DC in Shanghai (SH5) that is in turn connected to the rest of our infrastructure via a low latency leased line allowing for the most optimum route to MT4 servers located in London. This gives dramatically quick connectivity speeds; it will also bypass the great firewall of China, lifting filtering restrictions.


With all these locations, our clients across the globe benefit from faster execution times, lower latency and a vastly secure trading network. VIBHS are proud to announce they have server locations/data centers in:

New York











Risk Warning:
Trading Currency (Fx), CFDs and other leveraged products/financial instruments on margin carry a high risk, and may not be suitable for all traders/clients and investors. You must ensure that you read our full Risk Warning by following this link. You should familiarise yourself with the content of the Risk Warning before applying for an account or commencing trading. All trading involves risk. Losses can exceed deposits. Please ensure that you fully understand the risks involved. VIBHS Financials Ltd is an FSC (Financial Services Commission, Mauritius) regulated company holding a Category 1 Global Business License.

Risk Warning: Products offered by VIBHS Financials carry a high level of risk and may not be suitable for every investor. You may lose more than the amount invested.