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Who can I contact for enquiries on trading?
What kind of basic trading approaches are there?
Where can I find more information on the First Notice and Last Trading Day for a particular contract?
After receiving a margin call, do I still need to top up my funds if market movement goes in my favor?
What are the main risks involved with trading spot and CFDs?
Are my funds safe with VIBHS Financial Ltd?
What are the operating hours of VIBHS Financial Ltd?
Where can I find more information on the First Notice and Last Trading Day for a particular contract?
How do I open an account?
What are the main risks involved in trading Forex and CFDs with VIBHS Financials Ltd?

Account Opening

What is the trading limit?
How long does it take to process the account opening?
What are the additional requirements for non face-to-face account opening and verification?
Why do you require my bank account or bank statement?
What are the account opening requirements?

Account Statement

Where can I view my daily account statement?

Topup and Withdrawal

How long does VIBHS Financials Ltd take to process withdrawals?
Can I use other currencies to top-up my account?
How do I top-up my VIBHS Financials Account? Trading, Deposit, fund my account, Bank: Standard Bank?
How do I make a withdrawal?

Update of personal particulars

How can I update my particulars (e.g. contact number, employment details, etc)?


How do we calculate profit and loss?
What is long and short position?
What are futures trading and how different is it from share margin financing?
Can I appoint someone to trade on my behalf?
What can the Currency CFDs do for you?
What is a Currency Futures contract?
What should I do to place my orders?
How can trading in Stock Index CFDs benefit me?
What can the Stock Index CFDs do for you?
What is a Stock Index Futures contract?
What is a future contract?
What is a forward contract?
How do I place orders?
What is a derivative contract?
What is Currency or FX or Forex or Foreign Exchange?
What is Futures trading?


What are commodities?
When do I incur or earn interest?
How is the interest on Gold/Silver contracts calculated?
What are the Gold/Silver contracts offered by VIBHS Financials Ltd?
How is the physical commodity delivery made on the Exchanges?
What are the commodity products offered by VIBHS Financials Ltd?
How are commodities traded?
What is a commodity future?


What currencies does VIBHS FinancialsLtd offer?
What is the rollover of position?
What is Foreign Exchange (Forex / FX) or Currency margin account?
What is margin deposit?
What does mark-to-market mean?
What happens when there is a margin call?
Can my margin deposit be in any other currencies?
How will currency conversion be done?
What is FX trading?
What is the minimum FX trading contract size?
How do I calculate Profit & Loss? - An Example
What is swap?
How are swap point adjustments carried out?

Call in

How do I know my Net Position?
Will I receive confirmation for my trades executed?
How can I confirm that the orders I placed are done?
How do I place a trade via phone call?

Margin call

Who do I contact for details of VIBHS Financials Ltd margin call policy?
If I have an outstanding margin call, can I still trade?
What will happen if I do nothing to my margin call?
By when do I need to top-up for my margin call?
When will I have a margin call and how much do I need to top up into my account?
What are margins?

Error trades

How can I verify if the execution price the Dealer placed for me is correct or wrong?
How can I verify if the trades shown in my account are done by me?

Type of orders

What are the different types of orders?

Risk Warning:
Trading Currency (Fx), CFDs and other leveraged products/financial instruments on margin carry a high risk, and may not be suitable for all traders/clients and investors. You must ensure that you read our full Risk Warning by following this link. You should familiarise yourself with the content of the Risk Warning before applying for an account or commencing trading. All trading involves risk. Losses can exceed deposits. Please ensure that you fully understand the risks involved. VIBHS Financials Ltd is an FSC (Financial Services Commission, Mauritius) regulated company holding a Category 1 Global Business License.

Risk Warning: Products offered by VIBHS Financials carry a high level of risk and may not be suitable for every investor. You may lose more than the amount invested.